Gearing up for high school party fun

Party is the most expected high school gathering by the students who are about to complete their high schooling. Party is a short form of Party where the students who are about to complete their high school days attend the formal gathering or formal dance. It is a sort of farewell party where the students who are graduated gets a warm send off by the juniors and the staff members of the high school. It is mostly held at the end of the second year. Juniors take the major work of organizing the Party along with the school committee. Most of the Parties are held at ballroom, banquet halls, and large auditoriums, which gives a greater floor space for the formal dance. Students start preparing for the Party day much ahead of the function. Male students start shopping for their suit, tie, formal shoes and various other accessories whereas girls shop for their l Party dress, corsage (a flower bouquet worn on their wrist), heels etc.
Party dresses are nothing but a long and flowing gown worn by girls. Party attires are also sold online by few portals, for instance a huge collection of variety of Party dresses can be bought. At the season of the senior year ending, the cost of the Party attires shoots up and also the sale is expected to go up irrespective of the percentage of price hike. The attire that has been bought for the Party will always be special for the people irrespective of the cost.