Grooming for Graduation Day


Day before yesterday night I went to bed happily as the next day was going to be my graduation day. And when I woke up in the morning, there was a gift box near my bed?s table and yes, it was wrapped with a pink cover and tied by a red ribbon. I opened it and found two festival dresses inside it and I still could not express it in words, how excited I was when I saw them. Both were of my favorite colors, one was a blue festival dress and the other was a pink one. Immediately I tried both and found equally good anyway I wore a blue festival dress for the event.

Only after wearing it, I realized that I forgot to check who kept it there and hence I looked for any information on its price, bills something. And I saw a tag fro which I came to know that the festival dresses were brought. But still I wanted to know who was the person who kept it there and hence I asked my mom, she said my close friend had gifted it for me. And my mom added that my friend had told her, whichever one I am not going to wear would be worn by my friend. I felt like being on clouds nine, I shed tears in joy for having such a nice friend, and I thanked God for it. And my best friend and me together wore festival dresses for the graduation day and enjoyed each moment of the day together.